4 Gifts That Won’t Break the Bank This Christmas

Uh oh! It’s almost Christmas and you feel extremely unrepaired this year. Well, you’re not the only one. Below are four Christmas Gifts that won’t break the bank. 

#1:  Dive into Some Nostalgia 

You know what your mom would love much more than that expensive perfume? Her favorite family photo with a thoughtful quote on it. You can easily get this done at Walgreens and put it in a really nice frame. Mom’s go crazy over printed out photos of their loved ones. Save a few pennies this year and dive into the power of nostalgia.  

#2:  The More You Know   

We live in the information age, right? Well, instead of maxing out your credit card trying to buy your best friend that handbag you can’t afford. Gift her with her favorite hard back book. Virtually everyone is trying to build their own brand these days. So, get your bestie a book on that hobby she keeps procrastinating about getting back into. It’s extremely thoughtful and you’ll look like the friend who really studies and cares about the people around you.  

#3: A Fancy-ish Bottle of Wine 

Let’s face it. What millennial isn’t a winebibber with all the stresses of adulting rearing its ugly head every day. Since we are all secret lushes behind closed doors, why not use it as the perfect gift. Give your good girlfriend the holiday version of her favorite bottle of wine. It’s simple, cute, and will not go unnoticed.  


#4: Assorted Meats and Cheeses  

Take the charcuterie waive and make it mobile. Now, I will warn you, this is the type of gift you either bring to a party or you give it to your boss who you don’t really like. This is the gift that makes you look classy, because you were nice enough to simply not show up empty headed.  

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