4 Outfits Every Classy Woman Needs

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#1: Statement Blazer 

Have you heard the news? Blazers are in, cardigans are out (although I just wore a cardigan last week. Don’t tell the fashion police.)

Blazers are the new staple for the classy and chic look, because it communicates that you have a professional side; yet, you’re cool enough to be down to earth and relatable. Pair your beautiful boyfriend blazer with some nice jeans or a fitted dress and notice how people stare in amazement.  

#2: An Off the Shoulder Shirt 

There is something so sexy about a woman’s shoulder. Showcasing at least one shoulder when at brunch or for a night out with your friends communicates that you have sex appeal without coming across as “easy.” If you really want to turn up the heat, make it a silk off the shoulder shirt and notice how many compliments you’ll receive.

#3: Form Fitting Jeans 

Baby got Back! If you want your bottom to look nice and plump, invest in some quality jeans that fit your body type. A nice pair of jeans helps you to take any outfit to the next level while allowing you to be casual yet stylish and sophisticated. Pair it with that off the shoulder silk top we mentioned earlier and you’ll be ready for Sunday’s brunch.  

#4: Red, White, and Black  

All eyes on you. Do you have an interview coming up? Do you want to make a good first impression? Have a power fit. Now this could either be a suit or dress, just make sure it’s either red, white, or black Those are the three main colors that demonstrate confidence, poise, and charm. If you really want to wow them don’t mix these colors make sure your outfit is monochromatic so that you have a sleeker and more defined look. Throw on any of these colors and I guarantee you’ll be the candidate to remember.  



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