4 Reasons You are Amazing: How to Stop Doubting Yourself

It amazes me how we are able to see the beauty in others, but often reject the notion that we ourselves are worthy. If you have ever experienced self-doubt the below tips are for you. 4 reasons YOU are amazing. 

#1: You Already Won the Race

You don’t remember this, but God does. A long time ago, you swam along with nearly 100 million competitors fighting for a shot at life. You had to fight through a strange and foreign atmosphere, with dead ends and white blood cells ready to attack. You eventually arrived at your destination with impeccable timing, because upon your arrival an egg was released in the nick of time, waiting to be fertilized. You already won the race of a lifetime; there is nothing you can’t do. 

#2 : You Are The Exclusive Edition

Did you know, just like your fingerprint and footprint your lip print is also exclusive to you? You are truly one of a kind. So, stop comparing yourself to other people and their walks of life. Their walk is exclusive to them, just like yours is exclusive to you. No one would say an orange is better than an apple, because they are too different to compare. 

#3 You Are Enough

I used to subconsciously believe that I’ll be “good enough” once I reach my goal weight. Society has tricked us into thinking that we are only “enough” once we look a certain way, or once we accomplish something significant, or attain riches by the age of 30. I want you to understand if you don’t accomplish anything else in life, wherever you are today, you are enough. God gave you the stamp of approval when he allowed you to be formed in your mother’s womb. You simply breathing and just being is enough.

#4: You are Worth the BEST Life Can Offer


In 2021 we are normalizing luxury on every level. Normalize luxury in every-day experiences: when you get your nails done go to the nail spa that also offers a massage and champagne, instead of the nail salon with the broken leather seats and bad customer service. For future vacations, if your pockets allow you to upgrade to first class on your flight, do it. At your job, keep finding ways to negotiate for better circumstances. In your relationships, keep requiring that someone gives you the best version of themselves. The best is reserved for people who simply demand it, it won’t just come to you. 


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