4 Rules for Eliminating Burnout: What to Take from Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka’s Tokyo Olympic Exit

Are you experiencing Burnout? After watching our favorite athletes make their exit from the Tokyo Olympics, Simone Biles and Naomi Osaka, it forced us all to take a look at what is causing our own burnout. Below are 4 rules to defeat burnout, and start living on purpose again.  

#1: Unfreeze  

Hard truth: you are not in a game of freeze tag; no one is coming to rescue you. Sometimes we feel stuck when there is too much on our plate. 

 We have so much to do; instead of getting started we procrastinate by checking social media and our emails. Create a to-do list of three important things you’d like to get done today, and if you can get just two things done; well then, good for you.  

#2: Get Your Focus Back 

Sometimes when our minds are pulling us in what seems like a million different directions, we find it hard to zero in on one task.

This leaves everything on our to-do list half complete, and as Brandy said: Almost Doesn’t Count. The best way to reduce your episodes of scatter brain is to workout. Just 30 minutes on the elliptical has proven to make you more energetic and intellectually present

Hit the gym and notice how you’re able to bring at least two things on your to-do list to completion.  

#3: Get Up Earlier 

Society cannot function with lazy women; sorry, but not too sorry. It’s the truth. Studies have shown, the more you sleep-in the more tired you actually feel. When you set your alarm, instead of using that loud and annoying ringer, pick a crescendo of beautiful nature like sounds. This will set the tone for a peaceful and tranquil morning routine.  

#4: Hangout with Friends and Family  

Being alone becomes extremely seductive when you’re feeling overwhelmed, but you must do the opposite. Engulfing in the company of loved ones will give you that focus and energy you’ve been deprived of. No matter how introverted you claim to be, no one can resist a good laugh with friends and family.  


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