4 Self-Sabotaging Habits to Avoid in 2022

Hard truth: society isn’t holding you back, your friends, and your job isn’t holding you back. The only thing holding you down is you. Below are 4 self-sabotaging habits to avoid in 2022. 

#1: Overeating  

Did you know that overeating is associated with disappointment and failure? Just think about it. Most highly successful people are in shape.  

A lot of times when you feel disappointed in life, you try to indulge in the sugary comfort of your favorite pint of ice cream in efforts to smother the pain.  When someone is feeling down in the dumps what do their friends do? “Girl, you need a drink!” “Girl, you want to talk about this over brunch, or I can come over grab your favorite bottle of wine and some wings?” 

Your mind tricks you into thinking that these comfort foods will numb the pain of disappointment and failure. Side-note: that’s why obesity is a poverty issue (we’ll dive into that another time.) If you want to have a better 2022, resist the urge to over indulge when you are feeling down, as you will need your energy and health to persevere through those hard times 

#2: Lying to Yourself 

Have you ever heard the saying, “The truth is much scarier than fiction?” People often lie to themselves to avoid being depressed or humiliated about their shortcomings. You want to know a little secret? 

 The only way to get more out of life is to be extremely honest with yourself. Where is your body at? Do you really need as many mental breaks as you are taking, or are you procrastinating? Do you have a plan to achieve success, or do you just say you’re going to be successful without putting any real consistent work in?  

 Be brutally honest with yourself, and have the courage to make the necessary changes so that you can transition from merely surviving to thriving. 

#3: Not Keeping Your Word 

When you go back on your word, you not only disappoint others, you disappoint yourself even more. A large part of self-confidence is being able to trust yourself. If you want to go to the next level in 2022 start doing what you said you would do. Start off small by telling yourself that you will spend 30 minutes working on achieving your short-term goals.  

Set a time for this activity each day and get it done. The more you complete what you say you’re going to complete the greater your confidence, and the more you’ll feel comfortable with having big and lavish dreams.  


#4: Low Expectations 

The last way you are self-sabotaging yourself is by having low expectations. Who can blame you. There are probably several occurrences where you had your hopes up high and you were filled with possibility and excitement only to be severely disappointed. 

 The trick to having high expectations is to work relentlessly to ensure your dreams will come to pass. In short: create your own luck. When you have the mindset to create your own luck, you’ll know that you can dream a dream as big as the universe is vastYou’ll get there; just put in the work.  

Thank you so much for reading! For more life hacks check out my audiobook Clean Mirrors. As always, share this with a friend who needs to hear this. We’ll talk soon.  


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