Are You Too Masculine: 4 Habits Feminine Women Avoid

#1: Do you Speak Loudly?  

Talking loudly is the equivalent of wearing an all-orange power suit that is the most unflattering on your complexion. It’s simply unfitting. A woman with feminine energy doesn’t need to shout “ayyye” when she’s enjoying her girl’s night out. One of the most alluring traits of feminine energy is that a queen doesn’t need to shout for attention; she simply captures it naturally

#2: How Often Do You Smile?   

Is your tongue pressed to the roof of your mouth right now? Does your hand rest in a closed fist? Girl, RELAX. When you look too tense it signals that you have your guard up, and when your guard is up it sends a signal to others that you are constantly in fight mode. Relax your shoulders, and put on a confident smile. A part of displaying feminine energy is being at ease

#3: How is Your Vocabulary?   

Let’s cut to the chase: cursing is not cute. Every time you use profanity it sends a signal that you are not educated nor witty enough to express yourself in a charming yet hilarious way. A key part of feminine energy is being able to linguistically get your point across without offending anyone. Comb through the thesaurus on the dictionary app and be amazed by the fun and quick phrases you come up with independent of profanity.   

#4: Do You Slouch?   

Poise, Poise, Poise. Shoulders back, chin up, and back erect. When you display confidence with your posture that is one of the ways to allure attention without having to be obnoxious about it, and it will send the message that although you are soft and girly you are still not to be played with. So, chin up, and watch how demand respect when you walk into the room.   



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Kenya · July 22, 2021 at 12:57 pm

All this time I never knew I could leave a comment lol. Just stopping by to say your blogs are amazing and I love getting the notification to my email that you’ve uploaded a new one! Yassss Queen:)

    megangates · July 24, 2021 at 3:28 pm

    Thank you so much. The support and love is greatly appreciated. Feel free to send to a friend who may need the encouragement.

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