10 Lessons, 1 Decade!

  1. Creativity gives birth to confidence: create something.
  2. Experience something new; you’ll realize life is really worth living.
  3. Whatever you are committed to is what will prosper.
  4. The good book didn’t lie; laughter IS good medicine.
  5. Wisdom and good character will outperform beauty.
  6. Simply showing up for close friends and family speaks VOLUMES!!!
  7. Become the person you needed when you were younger; it will draw you closer to your purpose.
  8. When you walk in your purpose, you’ll cause others to walk in theirs.
  9. When you close your eyes for the last time, go to rest empty, no talent hidden, no dream unfulfilled, because every part of you has been expressed.
  10. “Home” cannot be found, it must be created.
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