Cuffed, Cuddled, and Cut-Off: How You Should Spend Cuffing Season

Welp! It’s that time of year again. The cuffing bells are ringing, and that BDE is swinging. So, ladies the question comes up. Are you looking for a new boo to Netflix and chill with? Last year my extra attractive golden skinned 6”3’ neighbor was my cuddle buddy, but it left me feeling insecure and broken when it was all said and done. Below are three things I wish I would have spent my time doing. Hopefully, they will encourage you not to make the same mistakes.

#1 Getting Closer to God

I knew my neighbor was not my husband, so I was entertaining a man that I know God did not send for me. Every time I would go over to my neighbor’s house I would feel this uneasiness in the pit of my stomach, as if something was whispering to me “turn around, leave, don’t go inside.” but the lust was too strong. That is the thing about lust, just like fire, it never knows when it’s had enough. 


Thankfully, there is a book out there that is catered to helping women in moments of high desire: Dirty virgin. If you struggle with saying no and need some extra girl power this book is for you. 

Had I spent my time learning and studying the majesty of God. I would have been spiritually strong enough to deny my flesh and be better positioned to receive God’s best for me.

#2 Being a Better Servant

Last year around this time I volunteered as a tutor at a literacy center that focused on helping adults obtain their GED’s. The only downfall was that I wasn’t the most attentive tutor because I was so focused on setting up my cuddle appointments every evening.I know having a cuddle buddy can seem harmless; but trust me, whenever you give copious amounts of your intimate energy to someone who is NOT your man you end up being distracted and anxious in the most unbecoming way.

So, please take it from someone who has been there before. The holidays are coming up so make being a better servant your priority and if a man wants your time he’s just going to have to get in where he can fit in. 

#3 Being a Better Person

Cuddling was my vice and because I indulged in my vice so frequently it took up the time I could have been using to invest in myself. The time I spent getting all prepped and pampered to go to my neighbor’s house, actually being at his house, and coming back home for a nap because I can’t really sleep how I want to at someone else’s spot–all of that took time out of my 24hrs. I should have been using it to write the children’s book I wanted to write or upgrade my wardrobe like I’ve been planning. Ladies, these casual flings that are glorified in the media are not for the women who want more out of life. Save your time and energy for the man who is serious about you

 Share this blog if you know a girlfriend who needs to get a clue! Thank you for reading. We’ll talk soon!

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