From Tipsy to the Top: How to Drink at The Company Party

Have you ever heard that while you’re at a company event you shouldn’t drink? Boooo! No one likes the buzz kill weirdo in the corner. As long as it’s after 5:30pm have a drink; just do it responsibly. Here’s how to go from tipsy to the top: how to drink at the company party.

#1: Start Off With a Glass of Wine/Champagne

This will make you look really classy before everyone let’s loose and get what they really want. Make sure to hold the glass by the stem, and only drink from one point of the cup. This will eliminate your finger prints being all over the cup and your lip stick being on multiple places of the rim. Remember: wine is always a safe zone. So, drink this before getting too comfortable. 

#2: Flirt With the Bartender 

Ladies, trust me, this works every time this will make the bartender make your drink EXTRA strong without you having to order extras to feel that buzz. This is a double win, because not only do you get a strong drink, but you also avoid looking like the alcoholic who can’t stay away from the bar.  

#3: Get an Exotic Drink

After you’ve had your first glass of wine, and everyone is beginning to let loose, ordering an exotic drink will set you apart from your coworkers. This is also where flirting with the bartender comes in handy, because you get to pick their brain about drinks you wouldn’t normally drink. Have the bartender make you something exotic that isn’t too sweet; but yet, strong and pretty. Everyone will want what you’re having, and you get to look like the super sophisticated coworker who knows her way around a bar.  


#4: Don't Get Drunk 

Oh, no! You just spotted Marc (yes Marc with a “c”) in accounting and he has the top three buttons of his shirt undone and his chest hairs are peeking over his barbeque stained wife beater. Oh, yea, and he’s DRUNK! Don’t be this person. Keep yourself at a two drink maximum. Whether you believe it or not, one of the higher-ups is always watching how you behave in this type of environment. Have fun, but be responsible. 

Thank you so much for reading! For more life hacks check out my audiobook Clean Mirrors. As always, share this with a friend who needs to hear this. We’ll talk soon.  


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