How to Get Excited about Life Again: 4 Tips You'll Need in 2021.

All seven years of 2020 are finally over; however, this past year has left so many of us feeling grey and disinterested about life. Below are four tips to help you get excited about life again.

#1 Get Right with God


This is one so many people say, but never really do. I’m one of “those people” by the way, so trust me, I’m not judging. Getting right with God requires more than streaming your favorite church service on YouTube. It requires you to walk like a follower of Christ. Are you still fornicating? Are you still Gossiping? Are you still getting drunk? Remember: getting right with God requires you to walk in the word, don’t just listen to it. 

#2 Go from Grinch to Gratitude 


Have you ever had one of those days, weeks, or years where nothing seems to go your way, and you try to have a gullible like optimism but your reality is just so bleak and grey it’s hard to fake the funk? Trust me, I know how tempting it is to throw a pity party, but instead, try showing gratitude for what is going right in your life. Every time you feel tempted to throw a pity party, just take a breath and count on your fingers (out loud) 10 things you thank God for. When you do this, just watch how your spirit becomes more joyous. 

#3 Eliminate your Vices


In the beginning of Quarantine, I drank red wine like a fish drinks water. I soon began to gain weight and felt blah about everything. Overindulgence in any pleasurable act results in a huge dopamine crash, leaving you feeling grey, bleak, and blah. So, instead of turning to your vices when you need comfort, stimulate your mind by watching videos of your dream home on YouTube. The key is to replace harmful stimulants with ones that will inspire you to stay on track with your long-term goals. 

#4 Have a “Never Say Die” Attitude


Whatever you do just stay committed to becoming a happy healthier you. The reason just about everyone has the same New Year goal is because when the going gets tough people quit. Don’t be that person. Simply envision where you want to be in your life and decide that come hell or high water you will get to your desired destination. 


Thank you for reading. If you’re excited about getting back on track for the new year, click here for a one-on-one session and talk it out. In the meantime, share this with a friend who needs to get their life all the way together.

We’ll talk soon!