How to Say, "H*LL NO" Like a Lady

Whoever said being soft and classy equates to being a pushover? Here’s to Knowing how to say, “H*LL NO” the classy way.  

#1: Your Employer Asks You to Work Overtime 

Millennials are the Kings and Queens of side hustles; there is no time to give your employer even an extra milli-second of your existence. You need to take the phrase “booked and busy” to a whole new level. This is what you say: “No, Thank You.” That’s it, that’s all.  

#2: Someone You Don’t Know That Well Asks for an Outlandish Favor  

People will try your life if you let them. Whenever someone you don’t know that well asks for a crazy favor, please understand they are not trying to be your friend; it’s called manipulation. 

So, of course you never want to flat out say “H*LL NO”. Say this: “Unfortunately, I’m not going to be able to do that.” If they ask, “Why?” simply leave them on read. Your “no” is explanation enough. .

#3: That Guy Pressures You for Sex 

So, the cute, funny, and cheeky responses stop here. Say you’re at this guy’s house (he should not be over your house at this stage), and he puts his hand on your thigh.

You like the fact that he finds you attractive, but now you feel obligated to give in. This is the time you move his hand and say no. If you wait until he starts kissing you it’ll be too late. Tell him, “no” one time. If he persists, simply get up and leave. With men, your “no” is in your actions. 

#4: You Simply Just Aren’t in The Mood 

The previous scenarios display situations when you should say, “no” more often than not, but what about those times when you would normally say yes? Your friends ask you to brunch, your coworkers ask you to happy hour, your mom wants to chit-chat all night.  

If you’re in a season where you are trying to save money, or you don’t want to deal with the family drama of talking with your mom. It’s okay to say, “Hey, I’m not really feeling it today; I’ll catch you all next time.”  


As a woman growing in femininity and class, you want to be a woman of your word. Every situation does not deserve your, “yes.” Be very selective to whom you give it to.  


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