She's the Classy Friend

Everyone wants to be “That Girl”. The girl your friends look up to, the girl everyone just wants to be around and get advice from, and the girl who has such an impeccable since of style – strangers just watch in amazement. Realistically: to be “that girl” comes with a price. Below we’re going to discuss four responsibilities of the classy friend.

#1: Be an Amazing Host 

There is something extremely elegant and feminine about a hospitable woman. Hospitality is a feminine characteristic, because it mirrors the comfort, nourishment, and warmth mother nature gives.   

Just think, mother nature provides shelter with her natural materials that humans are able to manufacture into homes, she provides fruit and veggies with her garden, and a sense of comradery when we hear the birds chirping and the animals playing. Mother nature has proven to be the ultimate host for human beings. So, if you want to be the classy friend, the next time your friends come to visit, be an amazing host. 

#2: Compliment, Compliment, Compliment

The classy friend knows how to give the best compliments, because she understands that her praise helps her friends to feel seen and heard. If you want to be classier, practice being more observant of your friends’ good qualities. A genuine compliment from a friend builds a bridge of trust. Feminine energy is often a quiet confidence that dares to be observant, the sooner you adopt this trait the classier you’ll appear.  

#3: Crack a Joke 

We went over the mushy, gushy stuff in the first two responsibilities of the classy friend. Now, let’s have some fun. It’s been said for centuries that laughter is good medicine.  A part of being classy also has to deal with a heavy dose of charm. Nothing is more charming than someone who has an infectious laugh. When your friends see you not taking life too seriously, it puts them at ease. Everyone looks up to the person who is able to simply have a good time.  

#4: Better Your Best

Now that you have the sentimental part and a sense of humor underway. What’s next, the work you have to do on yourself. There is something so alluring about the woman who stays committed to her weight loss goal, the woman who is determined to get her business off of the ground, and the woman who dares to live life to the fullest. The moment you commit to being the best version of yourself; you begin to light a fire in those around you, and that is what being “the classy friend” is all about.  

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