Setting Standards: Two Simple Things

Whew, chile! It’s been a minute since we last spoke, but I’m glad you decided to tune in. Let’s get into it.


Standards are a set of non-negotiable behavior traits you will or will not put up with depending on what you want out of life. In order to determine what are good standards to have we must first discuss the prerequisites for setting them. 




For me, I believe in God, and the sacrificial teachings of Jesus Christ. This means I am in agreement with biblical principles and teachings. If you do not know what you believe in then every standard you set will be superficial, because it won’t be rooted in anything. Remember: it is the roots of a tree that keep it stable when a storm comes. Your number one standard should be to know what you believe in as every other standard will come from this.



Your internal statement deals with the type of person you want to be. For example, I want to be a light(wisdom) in dark places(the blind spots of society). So the standards I create will be things that push this agenda forward. Determining your internal statement will make clearer what your non-negotiables are going to be. Below are a few examples of internal statements:

  • I strive to be an ambassador for God; when people look at my lifestyle I want it to restore their faith. 

  • I want to expand the way people think so that my people can experience a better quality of life.

  • They say laughter is good medicine, so I want to use my humor to be a refuge for the depressed and anxious


Your internal statement is a recipe combined of what your beliefs are and how you choose to manifest those beliefs in your daily life. 


These are the prerequisites for setting standards. Please join me next week as we go deeper into exactly what having good standards look like. In the meantime check out my book Clean Mirrors for a more in depth view on self-love. Thank you for reading, if you enjoyed this please share. We’ll talk soon!