Single is the New Black: 3 Advantages of Being the Single Friend

Well ladies, it’s that time of year again. Everyone is “boo’d up” and you’re the only one going home alone after that social distance holiday party. Trust me sis, I feel your pain. For the first time ALL of my friends are boo’d up as well and at the same time too. So, I know what it’s like to continuously ride solo. Below I have some empowering tips that have encouraged me when I have episodes of loneliness; I trust they will be a blessing to you as well. 

#1 You Have More Time to Focus on Your Goals


Let’s be real. As much fun as it is to be all “kissy, kissy” with your lover, we will have to admit, being head over hills can jade your better judgement and have you putting off interests and hobbies that made you so attractive to begin with. That’s why; instead of cursing your singleness use your extra time to revisit your business goals:


  • Write that book you keep putting off. If you need help, book a session with me.
  • Open that shopify account and sell your candles and butters.
  • Get that certification so that you can earn more money on your job.

Your single season is so important and necessary for you to be the woman you’re destined to be. Don’t waste it, wishing that you were anywhere else than where you are right now. 


#2 You Get to be Ugly 

This is my personal favorite. I get to be ashy in PEACE y’all! I recently ran out of coconut oil and now when I get out of the shower my skin goes from a glowing chocolate goddess to casket-sharp grey. I digress. In seriousness, those ugly parts of your personality and character can be groomed to perfection in your single season. Use your single season to work on you. Work on your anger issues, work on being more friendly and fun to be around. When you work on you, you’ll be astonished on the quality of people you attract. Who knows, maybe one of them will be your Mr. Right.

#3 You Get to Improve Your Finances.


Dating is not cheap, especially if you are in a serious and committed relationship. Sis, if nothing else, thank God that your money goes to you and only you. Birthdays, Baecations and Holiday gifts ADD UP. Use your extra financial space to improve your credit score so you can be closer to getting your dream car. Use that extra room in your budget to fund that business idea we talked about earlier. To a woman, security is everything, so make sure your financial security is in great condition. 


Look at it this way. If you’re single, you’re the new “It Girl.” Single is definitely the new black. 


Thank you so much for reading. If you know a friend who is moping and groping about her relationship status, get her life together and send this to her.


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