The Other "F" Word: How to Unleash This Superpower

Have you ever been around a woman that isn’t the prettiest, or best dressed, but somehow, she’s still the girl that all the guys adore and she seems to have this thriving social life? It’s not rocket science: she has simply mastered her feminine energy. Below are four tips to unleash this feminine superpower inside all of us.  

#1: Open Your Eyes

Listen more than you speak and observe before uttering a word. Pay attention to the way your friend gets quite when you crack a “friendly” joke. Notice when the barista’s demeanor changes when the line gets longer in Starbucks. A part of being feminine is seeing what others are too busy to notice so that you can provide comfort, warmth and understanding when it’s lacking. Being able to truly see others encourages people to feel safe in your presence and that nurturing spirit will make you the woman others can’t get enough of.  

#2: Practice Humility

Are you the friend on vacation that always takes the Master Suite? Do you “humble brag” – talking about your short comings that are actually strengths? Not only is this annoying, but it also communicates that you don’t know how to share the spotlight.

It has been said, “the loudest person in the room is often the most insecure.” When you know who you are you don’t have to prove it to anyone. Having quiet confidence is the foundation of true humility, because it gives you the freedom to strategically take the backseat without feeling like your ego is being threatened.  

#3:Grow in Wisdom

Wisdom skews under the femininity umbrella because it falls under the category of being and understanding; whereas, masculine energy focuses more on doing and production. So, in order to grow in wisdom, you’ll need three things: experience, knowledge, and the critical thinking skills to parallel what has already been established in nature versus the progression of human existence.  

  • Experience – This is the difference between theory and reality. Experience is what gives your voice credibility.  

  • Knowledge – Be a forever student. You cannot teach what you have not mastered. 

  • Recognize the Patterns in Nature – Have you noticed how a child’s experience in the womb is very similar to our experience with mother nature? Learning how to recognize age-old patterns in life will help you grow in wisdom.  


    #4: Show Some Gratitude 

    This can be an extension of humility. A simple, “Thank you.” and a smile goes a long way. As millennials we have somehow adopted this “deserving” spirit when in reality it’s much more attractive to show gratitude for even the smallest acts. 


    The next time your Uber waits the extra 5 minutes for you to arrive, thank them for waiting. The next time you are in an interview, look the attendees in their eyes and thank them for their time.  Instead of trying to prove your value to everyone, try walking around with a spirit of humble gratitude and notice how many friends you keep.  

    Thank you so much for reading! For more life hacks check out my audiobook Clean Mirrors. As always, share this with a friend who needs to hear this. We’ll talk soon.  

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