The Lazy Friend: The Formula for Consistent Productivity

Ring! Ring! Her alarm clock goes off; she reluctantly opens her eyes to hit snooze. It goes off again. Now, she rolls over, turns it off, and scrolls through social media. Her ex-boyfriend posts a picture with his new girlfriend, she laughs at how ugly the new girlfriend is, and likes the picture anyway. Now, she’s late for work.  


Is this you? Are you the lazy friend?  


Sometimes it’s easier to watch others live their lives instead of having the courage to live our own. Here are four simple mourning habits that will boost your productivity overnight.  

#1:  What Does Your Bed Look Like?  

This may be the most important step. Making your bed every morning makes it less desirable for you to hop back in it, because you don’t want to ruin your work. Also, making your bed creates this sense of accomplishment that will give you the momentum to want to complete another task. You’ll need this boost of determination for the next step. 

#2:  Do You Get Moving?  

Whether it’s for 3 minutes or 30 minutes moving your workouts to the morning gives you less time to talk yourself out of going to the gym.


 Working out in the morning also gives you the energy and enthusiasm you need to complete your tasks of the day. Not to mention, morning workouts also helps you look good.


 With the constant flow of blood carrying oxygen to your face, hair and skin you’ll have this amazing glow every time you walk into the office. As we all know. When you look good you feel good. We all want to be in better shape; so, tomorrow put the gym at the top of your to-do list.  

#3: Do You Eat Breakfast? 

 Eggs, a homemade smoothie, or a bowl of oatmeal are great examples of a breakfast that will give you energy throughout the day. Avoid things like muffins, sugary drinks, and breakfast sandwiches as they will make you feel sluggish and unmotivated throughout the day.


 Choosing a healthy breakfast also promotes brain activity so that when your 10am meeting rolls around you’ll be able to speak with diction and clarity as opposed to Marc (yes Marc with a “c”) in accounting who chose a McDonald’s breakfast sandwich for his morning meal.  


#4: Do You Follow Through with Your Lists?  

Everyone has been told to make lists to be more productive, but what if there is too much on your list and you get overwhelmed and decide to “Just do it tomorrow?” The trick to this is only put three tasks on your list per day.  


  1. Task #1: Do something for your mind. 

  1. Task #2: Do something for your body. 

  1. Task #3: Do something for your brand. 


Tony Gaskins speaks about categorizing your productivity in the above manner, and I have found it to be exceptionally helpful. So, if you don’t want to be the one standing still and watching all of your friends soar past you, make sure to create a to-do list that is doable as well as productive.  

Thank you so much for reading! For more life hacks check out my audiobook Clean Mirrors. As always, share this with a friend who needs to hear this. We’ll talk soon.  


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