The World Loves Big Girls: 4 Confidence Boosters on Your Health Journey

First and foremost: the number on the scale does not dictate your self-worth. 

Have you ever seen a voluptuous woman in the workplace, classroom, or even just walking down the street and for some reason you just couldn’t take your eyes off of her? It’s because, without a shadow of a doubt, she simply had confidence.


If you read chapter two of my book: Clean Mirrors, you know the struggles I’ve had with my weight as it relates to my self-esteem. Below are tips to help you walk in confidence as you continue to strive for a healthier lifestyle. 

#1: You are Enough, TODAY!

So many of us believe that we’ll finally be “worthy” as soon as we get to our ideal weight; consequently, we subconsciously  accept less than what we deserve in relationships and social engagements. What if I told you that you are enough right now, right where you are? Whatever the scale says today, you are enough. You don’t have to wait until you’re in shape to have the best out of life. You deserve the highest level of admiration, praise, honor and respect whether you are a size two or twenty-two.

#2: Put on Something Sexy

 What’s up with women who are uncomfortable in their bodies wearing black all of the time? Don’t let society talk you into shrinking and fading into the background. Get comfortable with being seen. Be the Peacock in the room! This is important because with this exercise it teaches you to fall in love with your body and it trains you to find clothes that are flattering for your body type and complexion. What you wear speaks VOLUMES of how you feel about yourself. Make sure you are communicating the right message to the world. 

#3: Walk that Walk.

There is something absolutely captivating about a woman who has a mean walk. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they walk: the speed, the rhythm, and how they hold their head and shoulders. Remember: chin up, shoulders back, find your rhythm, and walk slow. When I was insecure about my weight, I used to walk so fast people would think I was training for the Olympics. Needless to say, don’t be like me. 

#4: Stay the Course.

When it comes to our health journey, we don’t always see the results we want right away; and the temptation to relapse rears its ugly head. Remember: the goal is to be healthy. It doesn’t matter where you land on the scale; just focus on your health. Your body will thank you for it when you’re older. 

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Tess · March 4, 2021 at 6:23 am

Cool. Nice advice

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