When More Sleep Won’t Fix it: The Real Reason You’re Always Tired

Are you sleeping more than usual? Do you still feel exhausted when you wake up? When more sleep won’t fix it, it’s time to take matters into your own hands. As the days get shorter and the nights get longer, feeling unmotivated and lazy becomes overwhelmingly seductive. Below are four real reasons you are always tired. 

#1:  You Procrastinate 

Did you know that when you procrastinate you actually are doing the activity TWICE? Simply thinking about your obligation emits energy; so, when you think but don’t act you are technically using your energy in vain, because you still have to use another dose of energy to actually complete your obligations.

So, instead of continuously thinking about what you should be doing, just go ahead and get your tasks completed. For more help on being more productive Click Here. The more you knock off your to-do list, the less tired you’ll feel the next day. 

#2:  You’re Depressed 

Whether it’s seasonal or situational, depression is notorious for sneaking in during the final stretch of the year. Get help. Consult a professional to figure out why you are depressed and how to navigate through it. If you’re routinely lounging around in bed past 9:30am you may not be “catching up on sleep;” you may secretly be depressed.  

#3: You’re Mentally Drained 

So many things require your attention. Hard pill to swallow: you’re mentally drained because you’re desperately trying to people-please. You can’t be everything to everybody. The real reason you’re always tired is because your mind is racing a mile a minute trying to stay afloat in the sea of unnecessary obligations. Learn to tell people, “No!” so that you can prioritize what’s actually important 


#4: You’re Aimless 

Diligence, preparation, and consistency are the fruit of focus. Being aimless makes you indulge in tasks that are a waste of your time. This is why you’re always tired, because you don’t really know what you’re pursuing in life. When you don’t know what you are pursuing you run the risk of being busy, but not productive. 

Your aimless “busyness” is what’s making you tired. In order to get your focus back check out chapter 4&5 of my audio book Clean Mirror. Get focused in your life, and notice how relaxed and at ease you’ll feel.

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