Written by Megan Gates the author of Clean Mirrors.

When the Sun Sets: An Ode to Kobe & Gianna Bryant

What do you do when the sun sets?

Do you sit in the dark and recap all of  life’s regrets?

Or, do you point the finger,

attributing it to someone’s negligence?


What do you do when the mighty falls?

Clinching our loved ones, watching the news, terror in us all.

We are reminded that no one can escape the grasp of death’s brutality.

So, we sit in somber silence as we are forced to imagine our own loved ones’ mortality.


When the sun sets, it sets abruptly!

It is impartial to the sentimentality of the people affected.

Because, well, that is the nature of the Sun. 

So, since we know the sun’s nature, let’s not let bitterness win.


Yes, the sun has set, but let’s not let heartbreak lead us to our own demise, we must gather ourselves for the coming sunrise!


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